Tungsten Heated Glass

Tungsten heated glass,developed independently by BSG,is mainly used for automotive Front Windshield. Ultra thin Tungsten wires are incorporated into the PVB interlayer of laminated glass, It can be heated uniformly after charged with electricity,melting the ice and frost on the glass and preventing fog inside. Moreover,the thickness of Tungsten wires is validated scientifically that it is distributed in human visual blind area which doesn't affect driving sight.

Bus Glass

Bus windscreen is one of our main products.The feature of bus windscreen are big size, various designs,difficult to fitting and requiring for high strength.Good quality bus windscreen ask for excellent capability of equipment and technology. We can meet all the requirement of buses,and can supply wedge glass and insulating glass.

Bullet-Resistant Glass

Bullet-Resistant glass is combined by a plurality of different thickness of the transparent float glass and PVB films scientifically. The total thickness is more than 20mm. And because of the glass with high hardness and PVB film with good toughness,when the bullet touches the glass,its impact energy is cut to a low degree even to zero,so it will not penetrate the glass;Besides,there is no splash on non-bullet surface,then no harm to humanbeings.

Coated glass

It is a thin-film system composed of a plurality of layers of silver, copper, tin, etc. or a compound thereof, which is coated on the surface of the glass. The product has high transmittance to visible light, high reflectivity to infrared rays, and good heat insulation. performance.

Agricultural machinery, engineering vehicle glass

BSG can customize glass for agricultural vehicles and glass for engineering vehicles according to customer requirements. And can participate in the early design and development, support for multiple varieties, small quantities.

Encapsulation Windshield

The module assemble glass is suitable for multifunctional glass components, convenient to be matched with the design needs,realize all kinds of cross
section shape of edge,compensate for the effect of body wave to the assembly,easy for the integration of the various types of functional accessory.

Head up display glass

HUD (Head Up Display) glass, enabling the driver to see important information he needs without looking down. This can reduce the frequency with which the driver needs to look down at the meter to avoid distractions and loss of state awareness.

Modified car, camper glass

BSG can customize the modified car, camper glass according to customer needs, BSG master the independent research and development capabilities especially in frame assembly, the products are sold all over the world.

Electric Vehicle Glass

BSG provide products as OEM to numerous domestic and foreign well-know brands,more than 20 manufacturers have established long-term stable cooperative relations with us.